Our Services

Medical Fees:

We are a Bulk Billed Practice. All patients are Bulk Billed as long as the patient is in possession of a current Medicare Card.

-          All patients with Health Care Cards and Pension Cards are Bulk Billed

-          All services for Department of Veteran Affairs patients are Bulk Billed

-          Services such as Health Assessments and Management Plans are Bulk Billed

Non-Medicare Card Holders:

Patients with no Medicare Card will be charged $65.00 for a standard 15 min consultation. Payment of fees is required at the time of Consultation.

We have EFTPOS facilities, and accept Visa and Mastercard.

Non-Medicare Card Holders – Overseas Patients:

This practice offers a special service for Overseas Visitors / Students, who hold an Allianz Overseas Health Card / Overseas Visitors Card.  Patients presenting this card will not be charged a consultation fee, as invoices are sent directly to Allianz.

Valid card must be presented at Reception before consulting the doctor. No invoice can be backdated.

Please ask Reception if in doubt of the validity of your card.

Additional Fees:

A Consumable Fee (non-refundable by Medicare) of between $10.00 and $25.00 may apply for treatment room use.

Treatment which may incur a cost

Ear Syringe

Pap smear




Medical Assessments

Reception Staff will inform you at the time of booking an appointment.

After Hours Arrangements:

Our Practice provides 24-hour care for patients through our after hours National Home Doctors Service. They can be contacted after hours on 137425.

Any after hours consultation will be forwarded to our Practice within 24hours, to ensure continuity of care.

Home and Nursing Home Visits:

Home visits are available for our regular patients, who are unable to attend the surgery. It is at the Doctor’s discretion whether a home visit is recommended.

Telephone contact with the Doctor:

The Doctors may be contacted by telephone during surgery hours. Often the Doctor will be in consultation and therefore will not be able to accept a call. In these cases a message will be taken and your call will returned as soon as possible.

In an emergency your call will be dealt with immediately.

Contact by Email:

The Practice can be contacted by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For urgent matters please do not contact us through email.  Our email policy is available upon request.

Social Media:

Our social media policy is available upon request.


This Practice operates on a standard 15min computerised appointment system. Unfortunately, as much as we try to avoid delays there may be occasions where emergencies or a longer consultations create delays. We do ask for your kind understanding on those occasions. Our staff will endeavour to advise when a delay is likely.

Long consultations are available upon request, please let the staff know when making your appointment.

You are encouraged to request an appointment with your regular Doctor to ensure continuity of care. In the event you are unable to attend your appointment please contact the Practice. If you fail to attend two or more appointments a courteous reminder letter may be sent to you.


A complete range of childhood vaccinations are kept at this surgery.

Overseas Vaccinations:

As a general rule we ask you check with the Doctor at least 8 weeks prior to travelling if possible, as some vaccines have to be ordered. 

Overseas vaccinations require a script from the Doctor to fill at the pharmacy. The practice nurse will administrate the vaccine on the patient's return.

Recall and Reminders:

This practice routinely sends recall and reminder texts and letters to patients regarding further consultations and assessments. This will assist in ensuring that important health checks are not missed and are performed on time.

The privacy laws require that we obtain your consent to send you these reminders. The Doctor will discuss with you the checks that may be necessary and will make a note on your record if you consent to be included in the recall and reminder system.

When investigations are ordered by your Doctor we ask that it be your responsibility to obtain these results. It is recommended that you have a follow up consultation to discuss the results with your Doctor.

We may not always be able to reach you, especially if you have moved or changed phone numbers. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date on your record.

Results will not be given over the phone due to confidentiality and privacy laws.

All patient consultation, financial and medical records are kept strictly confidential.


Confidentiality is very important to us. Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this surgery to maintain confidentiality and security of personal health information and ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff and other health care providers and third parties if necessary.

Please see reception staff if you should require more information about your rights to access your medical records or to view our Privacy Policy.


Chempro Benowa Village, is conveniently located just across the road, and are more than happy to assist you with any prescriptions or any other healthcare needs.

Please note that not all vaccines are stocked and may be necessary to order in.  It's a good idea to phone ahead on 5597 2822.  Christine McClure is the head pharmacist.

Additional Information:

It is the policy of the practice that an appointment is made with the doctor to complete any documentation. This includes Centrelink forms, referrals and travel forms etc. It is also the policy that an appointment be made with the Doctor for repeat prescriptions.

Patient Feedback:

We welcome any feedback and comments good or bad, which will help improve our service to you. On occasion we might ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Your answers will be treated anonymously and confidentially.

If you should have any questions regarding the service provided, please feel free to discuss this with the Doctor or the Practice Manager.

For further complaints please feel free to direct them to:

The Office of the Health Ombudsman:

PO Box 13281 George Street

Brisbane, Qld 4003


Health Care Complaints Commission:

Locked Bag 18

Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012